Our Foundation

Michael Anderson


Born and raised in Ireland, Michael Anderson is the founder and head contractor of Hygge Construction Inc. in Windsor, Ontario. With an entrepreneurial spirit stemming from a very young age, Michael has successfully turned his passions of building, design and fine craftsmanship into the foundation of Hygge Construction. Michael got his start in 2010, where he began his apprenticeship for finish carpentry. He has since managed to build an extensive portfolio through experience working within many different areas of construction including, joinery, shop fitting and commercial concrete. Through these experiences, Michael has had the privilege of working on teams building everything from high-end residences to micro-homes. Michael also holds a widespread perspective on the unique building innovations used throughout the world, having worked in and travelled to such places as Australia, the Netherlands, South Africa, New York and Singapore. These places hold great influence in the detailed craftsmanship and design concepts of Hygge Construction today.